If you are try­ing to find a job, HR experts may give you excel­lent advice. One of the best I have heard of, in form of a metaphor, is that find­ing a job is like sell­ing any prod­uct. In this approach a job appli­cant him­self is the prod­uct. Well, I am Ivan Vujić (here­after the Prod­uct) and I am look­ing for a job.

If you want to find out how the prod­uct has been made, please visit Resume.

If you want to see either what the Prod­uct can do for you or you have your own idea what it might be, just click on My Job Pro­files.

After all, if you want to to fol­low on-​line how the Prod­uct sell­ing is being unfolded and find out how the entire sys­tem func­tions under the hood, please cre­ate an account (visit Login form). Then, two new items are going to appear in the main menu: My Busi­ness Case and My Cam­paign. Vis­it­ing them, you will find avail­able a lot of valu­able con­tent and many qual­ity demos.

Znak pitanjaWhat kind of project is this? This is cer­tainly not just a Resume in Dig­i­tal form. A power inte­gra­tion of Web­site, CRM tool, Cam­paign Man­ager tool and Social Net­works is before you, which is based on cutting-​edge Mar­ket­ing and Sales method­ol­ogy. You are in the cen­ter of Web-​marketing and Sales process on the Inter­net and every action of yours is being tracked down and analyzed.

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Cilj projektaThe pri­mary project objec­tive is the Prod­uct sales — find­ing a job or busi­ness engage­ment. One of the most inter­est­ing sec­ondary objec­tives is a rich func­tion­al­ity demon­stra­tion of the Com­mu­nity Edi­tion Soft­ware, which in com­bi­na­tion with the busi­ness process knowl­edge and the World’s best prac­tice can bring huge ben­e­fit with min­i­mal invest­ments and low main­te­nance costs even to the big busi­ness systems.

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Business CaseWhen the busi­ness prob­lem is solved, cre­at­ing a Busi­ness Case is the best way of orga­niz­ing ideas and thoughts. That is why, the Busi­ness case method­ol­ogy has been cho­sen to describe the Product’s under­tak­ing and that is why the My Busi­ness Case menu item has been struc­tured like the chap­ters of a typ­i­cal Busi­ness case doc­u­ment, along the expected simplifications.

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Agile Web-​Marketing Marketing StrategyCam­paign has to be care­fully planned in order to meet goals of the Prod­uct’s go-​to-​Serbian-​market strat­egy, ones when it is launched. The excep­tional thing in this sec­tion is not just the Cam­paign Plan by itself, but also a direct insight into the cam­paign unfold­ing as well as included soft­ware tool func­tion­ing (Joomla®, Sug­ar­CRM®, Google Ana­lyt­ics®…)

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